Do you know about CCP's $600 referral bonus?

Community Connections Partnership would like to congratulate Jeffrey N, Teah G, Donisha L, and Jehoshaphat O for referring applicants and receiving the $600 referral bonus!

Interested in referring somebody?

Any current employee who refers an applicant to CCP between January 1 and June 30th, 2018 has the opportunity to receive $600.

Individual must meet the following criteria:

  • New employee must have successfully completed all required Orientation Training.
  • Must be currently employed with CCP at the time the first and second bonus is paid to the current CCP employee.
  • The employee must note on their CCP application who they were referred by in order for the referral bonus to apply.


Provided above criteria is met: $100 will be paid to the current CCP employee upon the new employee's completion of first 30 days of employment.

An additional $500 bonus will be paid to the current employee upon the new employee's completion of first 3 months of employment.

Your W-2 will be mailed to the address we have for you in the Paychex Payroll system by January 31, 2018. You can also view a copy on the Paychex website.

To Log onto the Paychex system:

The first time you login you should do this from a computer. After the set-up is complete, future logins can be done through your phone if it is compatible.

Go To: www.paychexonline.com

  • Click Sign-up
  • Enter the requested personal information:
    • When entering the name of your street, etc. please abbreviate: Street=St, Avenue=Ave, Circle=Cr, Court=Ct, Boulevard=Blvd. If you have an apartment or unit number do NOT type in the word Apartment or Unit, instead use this symbol #, followed by the number.
  • Select 4 security questions from the drop down lists and enter your answers
  • Enter the requested account information

Once the registration is complete you will automatically be logged into the system

If you have questions regarding your log-in information or how to use the Paychex system, please click on the “Contact Us”, or “Learn More” button, or call 888-246-7500 to speak with a Customer Service Representative. You will need to provide our Company ID number to the Rep: 943-12056993

My Bright Idea

My Bright Idea: Do you have an idea about how to solve a problem, increase efficiency, or improve services the for the people we support? If so click here to email us and submit your idea!

Employee of the Month:

January 2018: Julie Walton

February 2018: George Jackson

March 2018: Mary Anne Hoffman

April 2018: Fredrick Bargor

Regarding Changes to your Direct Deposit:                 

If you are making changes to your bank account information, all changes need to be made on Monday prior to Friday’s payday. If changes are made after, funds will be deposited into the current account on file. If you have questions please contact Deb Monk at 763-540-6833 or dmonk@starsvcs.com.

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