FAQ: What Employment Category Would A Dispatch Call Center Fall Under?

What is the job description of a dispatcher?

The purpose of a dispatcher is to respond to a company’s emergency or non-emergency calls for help and information. Their duties include monitoring routes, updating call logs, and recording call information. Dispatchers usually work in the shipping or emergency service industry.

Are dispatchers considered officers?

The local department has dispatchers that handle the radio and call takers that handle the phones. The dispatcher will sometimes refer to the call taker as their partner. The dispatchers are not sworn officers.

What is a dispatch center?

an office where employees manage a group of vehicles, especially for the emergency services, and send them where they are needed: a 911/police/emergency dispatch center.

What is the difference between a call taker and a dispatcher?

When the public calls 911 to report an emergency, the 911 call-taker answers the phone using the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system. The emergency dispatcher then determines which emergency units to send based on the information received from the 911 call-taker.

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What qualities make a good dispatcher?

Qualities of a good dispatcher include:

  • High moral character and integrity.
  • Compassion.
  • Good judgment.
  • High degree of emotional self control.
  • Empathy and sensitivity.
  • Intelligence.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Self confidence.

How do you describe a dispatcher on a resume?


  • Quickly obtain information on nature of emergency, location and caller to dispatch necessary services (police, fire department, ambulance) as quickly as possible.
  • Create detailed call logs and records.
  • Calm worried or frantic callers to efficiently and safely assess their needs based on situation.

Is it hard to be a dispatcher?

It’s a really tough job. It’s unbelievable,” she said. Why It’s Newsworthy: 911 dispatchers are the bridge between the public and first-responders. They are responsible for sending help in emergency and non-emergency situations, but the job’s stress leads to high turnover rates.

Is it hard to be a truck dispatcher?

Is it hard to be a dispatcher? Truck dispatching requires a high-level of organization, focus, attention to detail, and patience. Dispatchers constantly manage a high volume of requests — somewhat like an air traffic controller of the trucking world. It can be a stressful and challenging position.

Is being a dispatcher stressful?

Emergency dispatchers are still very susceptible to the effects of stress and PTSD, even though they are not on scene at the event. As a dispatcher experiences continual and overwhelming volumes of emotionally charged calls, the body, mind and spirit respond in ways to protect and help the person cope.

What is a secondary PSAP?

(2) Secondary PSAP: an abbreviation for a public safety answering point that operates as a dispatch center for a public safety agency and receives rollover and/or transferred wireless, and direct or rollover and/or transferred wireline 9-1-1 requests.

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How much do 911 dispatchers make in LA?

The average 911 Dispatcher salary in Los Angeles, CA is $47,300 as of June 28, 2021, but the range typically falls between $40,100 and $51,500.

How many PSAPs are in the United States?

There are roughly 6100 primary and secondary PSAPs in the U.S. Personnel working for PSAPs can become voting members of the National Emergency Number Association (NENA).

Is a police dispatcher the same as a 911 operator?

A dispatcher may be the person who fields the initial call and then assigns the proper units or workers to the scene. The operator, on the other hand, coordinates any other necessary efforts after the initial call.

Are there different types of dispatchers?

Public safety dispatchers usually work in a police station, a fire station, or a hospital. Other dispatchers work in centralized communication centers associated with their specific company or service. Public safety dispatchers are usually the first point of contact between emergency services and the public.

Is dispatch the same as 911?

In some countries, the operator and dispatcher are the same person. In others, they are different. In my small dispatch center there is no difference. In a larger one the 911 operator (an old term) takes 911 and business calls, and the dispatcher mans the radio to send out and communicate with the road units.

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