FAQ: What New Deal Provided Employment In Construction Of Airports, Parks, Schools, And Roads?

Which New Deal program was the largest that employed over 8.5 million people building hospitals schools airports and playgrounds?

Works Progress Administration The WPA financed a variety of projects such as hospitals, schools, and roads, and employed more than 8.5 million workers who built 650,000 miles of highways and roads, 125,000 public buildings as well as bridges, reservoirs, irrigation systems, parks, playgrounds and so on.

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Which New Deal relief program provided jobs working on construction projects such as those pictured a the Public Works Administration b The Social Security Administration C the Federal Housing Administration d the Federal Emergency Relief Administration?

If the economy could not put people back to work, the New Deal would try. The Civil Works Administration (CWA) and, later, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) put unemployed men and women to work on projects designed and proposed by local governments.

What hired people to build schools and hospitals and it employed artists writers and actors?

Over its eight years of existence, the WPA put roughly 8.5 million Americans to work. Perhaps best known for its public works projects, the WPA also sponsored projects in the arts – the agency employed tens of thousands of actors, musicians, writers and other artists.

Which of the following of FDR’s New Deal programs led to the construction and improvement of over 600000 miles of roads and the building of over 800 airports?

FDR’s New Deal program, the WPA, led to the construction and improvement of over 600,000 miles of roads and the building of over 800 airports.

What was created to protect bank deposits up to $5000?

The federal insurance program came into being in 1933 with the creation of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) with authority to insure bank deposits in eligible banks up to a maximum of $2,500 for each depositor (later raised to $5,000 in 1934; to $10,000 in 1950; to $15,000 in 1966; to $20,000 in 1969;

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What New Deal program protected workers from unfair treatment by companies?

In June 1941, Roosevelt signed Executive Order 8802 ( sometimes referred to as the Fair Employment Act ). It asserted that companies with government defense contracts could not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, or national origin.

What is meant by the three R’s of the New Deal?

The “New Deal” and The Three R’s. The “New Deal” was organized to help America recover from the depression. The “New Deal” consisted of the 3 R’s which are Relief, Recovery, and Reform. Relief was aimed at providing temporary help to suffering and unemployed Americans.

Why was the CCC discontinued?

Civilian Conservation Corps Legacy In 1942, Congress discontinued funding for the CCC, diverting desperately needed resources to the effort to win World War II.

Which New Deal program did the Supreme Court declared unconstitutional quizlet?

The Supreme Court ruled that the Agricultural Adjustment Act was unconstitutional.

Did the CWA work?

Although the CWA provided much employment, there were critics who said there was nothing of permanent value.

Does WPA still exist today?

Most of these are still in use today. The amount of infrastructure projects of the WPA included 40,000 new and 85,000 improved buildings. These new buildings included 5,900 new schools; 9,300 new auditoriums, gyms, and recreational buildings; 1,000 new libraries; 7,000 new dormitories; and 900 new armories.

How many jobs did the WPA create?

Created by President Franklin Roosevelt to relieve the economic hardship of the Great Depression, this national works program (renamed the Work Projects Administration beginning in 1939) employed more than 8.5 million people on 1.4 million public projects before it was disbanded in 1943.

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What was the purpose of the AAA New Deal?

Agricultural Adjustment Administration (AAA), in U.S. history, major New Deal program to restore agricultural prosperity during the Great Depression by curtailing farm production, reducing export surpluses, and raising prices.

Did WPA build Hoover Dam?

The Hoover Dam, LaGuardia Airport and the Bay Bridge were all part of FDR’s New Deal investment. Many of the projects funded by the PWA and WPA remain part of the U.S. landscape.

What was the PWA and what did it do?

Public Works Administration (PWA), part of the New Deal of 1933, was a large-scale public works construction agency in the United States headed by Secretary of the Interior Harold L. Ickes. It built large-scale public works such as dams, bridges, hospitals, and schools.

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