Often asked: How Diversity Is Beneficial In Law Enforcement Employment And Retention Practices?

How does diversity benefit law enforcement?

Compared to white officers, Black and Hispanic officers made far fewer stops and arrests — and used force less often — especially against Black civilians.

Why is it important for law enforcement to be familiar with diverse communities?

When a police department is trusted by its community, the job works like it should. “Police agencies that are rich in diversity are simply more likely to garner individual trust among a group of citizens because the agency is reflective of the community and is inclusive of officers of many backgrounds and experiences.”

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How do you diversify a police department?

So How Can Police Departments Diversify?

  1. Reconsider physical and written tests that may impact female and non-white applicants.
  2. Allow applicants with prior arrests to apply for exemptions.
  3. Engage stakeholders to help create diversity reflective of the community.
  4. Use proactive and targeted community outreach efforts.

What ideas do you have to promote more diversity in the criminal justice professions?

Add your own ideas in the comments section below.

  • Have committed police leadership.
  • Use targeted marketing.
  • Consider nationwide recruiting.
  • Recruit at college athletic departments.
  • Nurture a positive reputation.
  • Develop your own young police recruits.
  • Partner with minority police officer associations.

What groups have traditionally been the focus of diversity recruitment in law enforcement?

What groups have traditionally been the focus of diversity recruitment in law enforcement? Women; Hispanic Americans; A selection process that undermines an effective recruitment process.

Why do we need diversity?

Learning about other cultures helps us understand different perspectives within the world in which we live. It helps dispel negative stereotypes and personal biases about different groups. In addition, cultural diversity helps us recognize and respect “ways of being” that are not necessarily our own.

What values do you believe are core to protecting the community?

Community Values


Why does a community respond positively when an officer is bilingual?

When officers are able to speak the same language as the individuals they encounter, they enhance communication, promote safety, and prevent dangerous misunderstandings or unnecessarily violent escalations.

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Why is cultural awareness important in law enforcement?

Cultural awareness courses need to be logically structured, reality-based, and relevant to the job of policing. The ultimate goal in diversity training is to help officers to pragmatically think about the changes in the community and how these changes can affect their jobs and their profession.

What are intentional actions that police leaders can take to increase minority applicants?

Specific programs that can be used to aid recruitment of minority youths include the Explorers program and a cadet program. Law enforcement agencies can also consider mentorship programs and internships as a way encouraging young minority candidates to enter the field of law enforcement.

Why is it important for police trainers to come from outside the profession of policing?

It protects the public from those who are unwilling to keep up with current developments in their field, thus increasing public confidence.

Why is the recruitment of qualified personnel so important to police agencies?

The hiring and testing process of becoming a police officer is one of the most important functions to the future of any agency. This process is the primary means for identifying which applicants are the most suitable for police work and which applicants represent potential liabilities to the agency.

Which of the following is a similarity between sheriffs departments and local police departments?

A similarity between sheriffs’ departments and local police departments is that both departments are: responsible for crime investigation. Unlike sheriffs’ departments, local police departments are more likely to: perform traffic-related functions.

Why is diversity important in criminal justice system?

Better Communication. Communication is vital for effective law enforcement and crime prevention. However, one of the benefits of having diversity in the force and of diversity training is that officers are able to communicate with cultural nuance. As an example, some cultures have different attitudes to personal space.

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How does diversity impact the criminal justice system?

Social diversity and multiculturalism is more prevalent in the justice system than in the rest of society. Looking at race for example, according to the American Bar Association, African-Americans face an incarceration rate that is almost six times that of whites. Only 6 percent of Caucasian males are sent to prison.

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