Quick Answer: How Come Vca Pet Hospital Dont Do A Pre-employment Drug Test?

Does VCA Animal Hospital drug test?

Do they drug test? No, they do not.

Do veterinary hospitals drug test employees?

Dr. Geller said close to half the drugs for which screening is performed are stocked in veterinary hospitals. Seventy percent of respondents’ practices do not drug test. Of those that do, 18 percent do pre-employment testing, and a similar percentage test because of reasonable suspicion.

Do you have to pass a drug test to be a vet tech?

Yes, you will get drug tested before hiring.

Does Blue Pearl drug test?

Pre employment drug screen No, there was no process.

Do receptionists get drug tested?

Back to the short answer, yes! It is highly recommended that every medical receptionist undergoes our healthcare industry package, and takes part in both a drug test and pre-employment physical.

What is it like working for VCA?

Working for VCA has been an excellent experience. I enjoy my coworkers and am able to use my skills. I am also able to teach my skills and am thrilled that we have that type of work environment. It’s also great to be able to serve our community and provide a high standard of veterinary care to our patients.

Is Blue Pearl a good company to work for?

Amazing benefits, competitive wages BluePearl offers an extremely competitive wage, and great benefits including matched 401K, quality healthcare options, CE allowance, CE PTO, and holiday pay. The nursing staff is fairly leveled, and highly supported to certify, and even VTS. 5

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