Readers ask: What Type Of Pre Employment For Papa Johns?

How do you have to be to work at Papa John’s?

Employees must stand at least 16 years old to work at the pizza chain. Additional qualifications vary by position. Most entry-level pizza shop jobs require no previous experience, while career-oriented positions, like work in management, call for at least one year of experience in a related field.

Is it easy to get hired at Papa Johns?

What is the interview process like at Papa John’s? It was really fast and easy, walked in only had to wait a bit because the manager was helping with orders.

Does Papa John’s drug test 2021?

Yes they did a background check an a drug trust. The usually do some drug tests if there suspicious with your actions.

Do they drug test at Papa Johns?

Hiring Requirements and Drug Testing Papa John’s regularly drug tests delivery drivers at many locations, as well. Ideal candidates drive well, maintain an alert and friendly attitude, and stand committed to prompt service. Training generally lasts only a few days and includes both oral and hands-on demonstration.

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Does Papa John’s get paid weekly?

Does Papa John’s Pay Weekly? Papa John’s pays both weekly and biweekly, depending on your location.

Does Papa John’s require a work permit?

Birth Certificate, work permit (if under 18), social security card, School ID, MVA ID, and a nice outfit. Application drivers license social security card. Insurance card and mvr. Must have a vehicle, driver’s license, and insurance.

What should I wear to a Papa Johns interview?

Papa John’s dress code is business casual. For the interview, you will want to dress one step better.

Does Papa John’s interview?

Interview Process for Team Members and Prep Cooks In some cases, an applicant needs to pass an initial phone interview prior to being asked into the store for a live interview. The in-person interview is typically held between a candidate and Papa John’s supervisor who is either an assistant manager or store manager.

What makes you stand out from other applicants?

Keep the following in mind when answering this interview question: Your skills and abilities working on teams, and your commitment to teamwork. Your skills and abilities working with different personalities. Your commitment to achieving company goals via the process of productive, efficient teamwork.

Does Papa John’s do background checks?

They do a background check to see criminal history and also run a motor vehicle record.

How much do shift leaders at Papa John’s make?

The typical Papa John’s Shift Leader salary is $12 per hour. Shift Leader salaries at Papa John’s can range from $8 – $18 per hour.

Do food delivery drivers get drug tested?

Most delivery companies require mandatory drug screening, and just a heads up, cannabis stays detectable in your system for a lot long than you think.

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Does Pizza Hut pay every week?

What is the average salary of a pizza hut server? Pizza hut employees get paid bi-weekly, except for drivers that get paid cash/tips/mileage after each shift plus hourly bi-weekly.

What do Papa John’s employees wear?

The dress code is to wear beige pants or shorts, anti-slip black shoes, and must have a black belt as well. Khakis, or brown pants/shorts, black belt, papa johns collar shirt, and papa johns hat. Papa Johns shirt, hat and functional pants no jeans and they must be khaki colored.

How much do Papa John delivery drivers get paid?

How much does a Delivery Driver make at Papa John’s in California? Average Papa John’s Delivery Driver hourly pay in California is approximately $15.35, which meets the national average.

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