What Are The Steps In The Process That Begins Marlow’s Employment With The Company?

When he arrives What things does Marlow see on his walk to the first station?

When he gets to the first station, Marlow sees manacled black slaves futilely trying to blow up a cliff to clear a path for a railway.

What does Marlow learn about his steamboat when he arrives at the Central Station?

What does Marlow learn about his steamboat when he arrives? He learns that his steam boat was at the bottom of the river. How does Marlow describe the general manager at the Central Station? He describes him as a cold and common man.

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On which river estuary is the Nellie at the start of the book?

This is the “stage” on which Marlow tells his tale. The story begins on a boat (the Nellie, “a cruising yawl”) on the Thames estuary, in London.

When Marlow initially arrives in Africa with what does he foresee that he will become acquainted on the part of the colonizers?

He remarks that he had already known the “devils” of violence, greed, and desire, but that in Africa he became acquainted with the “flabby, pretending, weak-eyed devil of a rapacious and pitiless folly.” Finally, Marlow comes to a grove of trees and, to his horror, finds a group of dying native laborers.

What is central station in Heart of Darkness?

Central Station is the place where Marlow really learns about Kurtz and the effect that he has on people. If he weren’t trapped there, he might not have formed the impressions of Kurtz he did. These impressions last throughout the novel, and they influence Marlow when he finally does meet Kurtz, and even afterwards.

What are the three stations in Heart of Darkness?

Conrad develops the three physical stations as the psychological stations of the Superego, the Ego, and the Id.

What does the inner station represent?

This represents Kurtz’s brutality and cruelty; however, it also represents the fact that he is merely a more straightforward version of the company. He does not hide his cruelty behind a facade of fake work.

How does Marlow view the wilderness of the Congo?

We see the wilderness entirely through Marlow’s eyes, and it is always somewhat of an enigma. It is “an implacable force brooding over an inscrutable intention” (56). The wilderness is not just an impersonal force that is unconcerned with anything else but itself.

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What does Marlow need to repair his ship?

Seeing an opportunity to use the brickmaker’s influence to his own ends, Marlow lets the man believe he really does have influence in Europe and tells him that he wants a quantity of rivets from the coast to repair his ship.

What does the Thames River symbolize in Heart of Darkness?

Remember that Marlow is telling us this story on a different river, the English Thames. That makes the Thames into a parallel for the Congo. So, if the Thames is like the Congo, then England is like Africa, which means that … white men are like black men, with a key difference: white men used to be like black men.

What is Marlow’s physical appearance?

Describe Marlow’s physical appearance. He’s got “sunken cheeks, a yellow complexion, a straight back, an ascetic aspect”. The narrator describes the recent history of the Thames.

Why does the doctor measure Marlow’s head?

The doctor takes measurements of Marlow’s skull. This is to determine his personality before he leaves for Africa.

How does imperialism qualify as a devil What are its characteristics?

Imperialism qualifies as the devil because it takes away power and privileges from the people. Its characteristics include racism, violence, and intimidation (these are the most highlighted/striking). 4. When Marlow arrives at the station where his ship lies at the bottom of the river, he again refers to this devil.

Why does Marlow believe Kurtz’s soul has gone mad?

Why does Marlow believe Kurtz’s soul has gone mad? Marlow believes that the darkness has cast a spell over Kurtz.

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Which character is a foil character to Marlow?

In Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, Marlow and Kurtz represent foils driven by the wilderness. In Heart of Darkness, Marlow and Kurtz have many similarities. Perhaps the most apparent and literal similarity is the likeness of their journeys.

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