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Uptown Art Fair was a big success!

p1888515985-o569970615-3 Community Connections Partnership had a booth this year at the the Uptown Art Fair. At the event we had a photo booth for people of all abilities to get their picture taken with the color run powder (tossing it, blowing it, doing something fun with it) in front of our backdrop that highlighted inclusion of people with disabilities. This event was a great success in creating awareness around people with disabilities being included in the community.

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Best-Life-Alliance-Logo,-verticalwebCommunity Connections Partnership had a very successful turnout this year for ARRM/MOHR at the Minnesota State Capitol (The Capitol). Our main message was “5% in 2016!”  With the Best Life Alliance, ARRM is seeking a 5% rate increase in 2016 to ensure quality services for people with disabilities and older adults, in addition to compensation for their Direct Support Professionals.

This year Community Connections Partnership had Sara Grafstrom from ARRM attend several of our employee meetings to educate our staff on what the Best Life Alliance means.  Everyone deserves to live their best life in whatever setting that may be.  Funding in 2016 is critical to support people with disabilities, older adults and their caregivers/Direct Support Professionals.

After Sara spoke with our staff to discuss the importance of the Best Life Alliance, our staff educated the people we support on why advocating at The Capitol is so important.  Our staff helped the people we support write letters to their legislators telling their story, followed by organizing a bus load of CCP individuals and staff to attend the rally at The Capitol on March 15, 2016.  Additional meetings have also been set up to speak with specific legislators on Tuesdays throughout the months of April and May.

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Ashley and his paint can

CANvas Uptown is an art activity sponsored by the Uptown Association for local businesses and organizations to showcase their products and services while driving traffic to their doorstep prior to and during the Uptown Art Fair.

This fun and easy project involves businesses decorating one gallon metal cans or “hiring” an artist to decorate for them. This promotional activity, along with a celebratory launch event, will create a pre-art fair buzz, highlight the Uptown community and its dedication to the arts, increase the number of visitors, as well as create curiosity for current customers.

To date 77 businesses have decorated 162 cans which will be displayed throughout the Twin Cities. Many participants will also be offering special incentives during this time to bring customers through their door to look and admire the cans.

This year Community Connections Partnership had one artist, Ashley McGee, participate in the CANvas Uptown activity sponsored by the Upton Association. Click here to learn more about The Uptown Art Fair and to view Ashley’s one gallon can.

The celebratory launch event was held at bottles & bottega in Minneapolis. This event displayed all of the one-gallon cans throughout the art studio. Click here to learn more about bottles & bottega.



Community Connections Partnership is excited to be a part of the Whittier Neighborhood Community Garden! The garden is organized by volunteers and promotes mutual outreach among residents of the Whittier Neighborhood. Working together strengthens the community and creates opportunities for neighbors to discuss a common endeavor.

The Soo Line Community Garden teaches sustainability and self-reliance through gardening and growing one's own food in such a way as to not diminish the natural world. Community Connections Partnership donates the produce to area shelters in need. This year a few individuals helped plant tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers.

When the vegetables are ready to be harvested, Community Connections Partnership will be donating the food to a local food shelf.

The Show


‘The Show’ Art Gallery is a nonprofit art organization dedicated to exhibiting works by artists from all walks of life.

show2A cooperatively-run gallery, retail store and community space. ‘The Show’ will host family friendly, accessible classes, fund raisers and workshops. We are located in Lowertown, (253 E 4th Street, St. Paul, Minnesota) near the light rail, Saints Ballpark, Farmers’ market, local restaurants and other art galleries.

Joyce says that doing artwork and creating her cards are a form of therapy for her. According to Joyce all of her cards are different and no one card is ever the same!

If you are interested in supporting artists from the show, head down to 253 E 4th Street, St. Paul, Minnesota. Hours are Wednesday-Friday (11:00am-6:00pm), Saturday (9:00am – 5:00pm), and Sunday (9:00am-3:00pm).

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Twenty three communities in Hennepin County participated in the 7th annual Step To It Challenge. Although the challenge is to have fun and a way to connect with your neighbors after the long winter…the goal is to have the most active residents in your city. Participants must keep track of the number of steps they did throughout the four weeks of the challenge. Using a conversion chart, participants are able to convert activities such as biking, mowing the lawn, yoga, etc. into overall steps.

Each organization that participates is given Minnesota Twins tickets and at the end of the challenge the Minnesota Twins hold a drawing that includes a party with Twins' mascot, TC, and the Twins' Strength & Conditioning Coordinator, Perry Castellano.

This year Community Connections Partnership was fortunate enough to win that drawing and had no problem celebrating with the Minnesota Twins!

Congratulations to the participants for being active and keeping up a healthy lifestyle!


It was the perfect day in October to get out into the community and enjoy a fall boat ride! Community Connections Partnership would like to thank Caption Conrad and Bayview Charter Cruises for hosting a fantastic boat ride and lunch for some of the people we serve! Thank you Deb for coordinating all the details!

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