Inspiration comes in many ways. Sometimes it comes from watching the spectacular achievement of a great athlete or a musician. Other times it comes through quiet accomplishments of the people we support. Tammy K. is one of those people. It has been fourteen years since Tammy was one of only twenty-five individuals with disabilities in Minnesota who worked their way off their social security benefits.

Tammy began her work with CCP fourteen years ago as part of a work crew that included three other workers and a job coach at the work site at all times. As the years progressed, Tammy was able to handle increased responsibility. Over time and through an effective working relationship between Tammy, her employer, and CCP staff, she was able to gain more work independence. Since then, she has retained her job with only minimal support from her staff... Read More

Fairview Ridges Hospital had a job opportunity in the dietary department and Tammy’s Employment Specialist knew that she had the skills and interest to succeed in the position. Tammy jumped at the opportunity. She was offered the job and for the first time in her life, Tammy worked independently. Tammy has taken on a variety of additional tasks since her first day at this job and is considered a “go-to” employee.008

Setting a goal to become self-sufficient and having the support to help realize it was crucial to this success story. When Tammy came to CCP, she informed her staff that she hoped to earn more money from her part-time employment and end her reliance on government assistance. Tammy persisted and, over time, her staff became the advocate that Tammy needed. Soon, the wheels were in motion.

First, Tammy’s staff linked her to The Minnesota Work Incentives Connection. Tammy was able to make a plan with a Benefit Analysis tool, setting in motion a plan which 029would free her from her dependence on Social Security. The tool showed Tammy how she could pay her room and board through her own income. In the end, Tammy was able to see that dropping her Social Security benefits and becoming self-sufficient would actually work to her advantage financially.

Tammy now works Monday-Friday and every morning she makes three transfers on the city bus to get to work. Tammy gets on the bus close to her home and takes the first bus to the Mall of America, where she walks the mall to stay active between her rides.

Tammy’s co-workers are her natural supports and friends. She has built very strong relationships with all of them. Tammy is now taking care of her own obligations in life and she is very proud of what she has done. At CCP, we are equally as proud.


Ray came to Community Connections Partnership when he needed help searching for employment. Within 45 days of Ray and his job coach searching for a job he was hired on at Target as a cart attendant.

A cart-attendant duties encompass more than just gathering shopping carts. The attendant is most often also responsible for helping guests with the larger carry-out items, keeping the entrances clean of debris, cleaning up any spills that may occur throughout the store and generally helping out when asked or needed. Since this is considered an entry-level position, there is always room for potential growth if the employee desires...Read More


Ray & his supervisor Edna

DSCN1091After six months of Ray working as a cart attendant he decided that he wanted more. “My team members are like my second family and I just wanted to be able to help out my team in case they needed backup on the registers.” With the support of his supervisor Edna, team members, his job coach, and his family, Ray was determined to move up and attempt his hand at cashiering. This happened to be a perfect match. Although Ray may appear a little shy, you can see him smiling clear across the store as an indication of how much he truly enjoys his job.

Rays says “I just love interacting with new people saying "Hi!" and asking how their day is going. Showing respect and being nice is important and it is helping me grow as a person." Ray says that his next step is working towards living on his own and that his parents' upbringing and the values they instilled in him have made him the person he is today.


Ryan has worked at Walgreens since 2010. Since he has started he has done a variety of job task as a customer service associate. From cash register operations and customer service to merchandising, store inventory and maintaining store signage and displays.

Although Ryan was recently promoted to Head Cashier, he already has goals to learn the photo area at Walgreens to further his opportunities. Ryan enjoys being part of the team and says he really enjoys training in the new cashiers. Thanks to his manager, Michael Perry, Ryan feels like a true team player... Read More

Ryan lives in his own apartment with assistance and takes Metro Mobility to and from work during the week and takes a taxi on the weekends. When asked what he likes to do in his spare time he said playing video games, going to movies and hanging out with his girlfriend. If you happen to be a baseball fan and like the Boston Red Sox, Ryan can tell you anything and everything you need to know about them!


Ryan & his supervisor Mike




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